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  • Loose Fit Architecture: Designing Buildings for Change, AD (Architectural Design) Magazine, Guest Editor Alex Lifschutz. 05 – Vol 87- 2017

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John Habraken

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Japanese Open Building

  • Minami, Kazunobu. “The Efforts to Develop Longer Life Housing with Adaptability in Japan.” SBE16 Tallinn and Helsinki Conference: Build Green and Renovate Deep, 5-7 October, 2016. Proceedings (Elisevier)

Open Building Conference

Stephen Kendall

  • Kendall, Stephen. “Four Decades of Open Building Implementation: Realizing Individual Agency in Architectural Infrastructures Designed to Last” in AD
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Stephen Kendall website: Open Building Studies, Reports and Lectures, General Publshed and unpublished Papers and Open Building for Healthcare.