Call for Abstracts/Presentations: Open Building for Resilient Cities

An international conference for the design professions, public officials, building owners and researchers

December 6-8, 2018 / Los Angeles

Hosted by the A+D Museum ( and Woodbury University, Los Angeles (

Planning for resilience and change is an urgent necessity – for the well-being of the built environment, for social institutions and for every human being. Achieving resilience today means understanding how enduring buildings and urban fabric sustain themselves by continuous, incremental renewal. Planning for change necessitates recognition that built environment transformation is a process in which multiple jurisdictions, investors, professions and everyday citizens share responsibility over time. The Open Building approach celebrates adaptability, resilience and distribution rather than centralization of control. Its design strategies structure public space that supports and inspires development of private space where people and organizations can make independent decisions about use: Build to last / build to renew.

This conference and exhibition aims to expand the discourse of Open Building by bridging practice and academia. Held at the A+D Museum and neighboring institutions in the Arts District of Los Angeles, the conference will bring together thought leaders in the building industry and from centers of research and public agencies around the world in lectures, panel discussions, research presentations and a curated exhibition. It brings to Los Angeles the 21st international Open Building conference, linking an active network of practitioners and researchers from around the globe.

Case study, poster and/or research abstracts are invited on Open Building topics such as:

  • The architectural qualities of long-lasting buildings
  • Architectural practice as a place for research
  • A receptive policy environment for Open Building – the public-sector role
  • Urban design and the Open Building approach
  • The Open Building approach to reactivating existing buildings
  • A fit-out industry – the key to Open Building implementation
  • Open Building research and education

For each submission, authors are asked to submit two separates .docx files:
a) A 250-word abstract for a research paper, case study, poster or interactive session, without author’s identification; b) Author information for each submission on a separate word document: Submission Title / Authors’Family name, Given name / Affiliation / Mailing Address / Email address. Please send submissions by the (REVISED) deadlines noted below to:

All proposals will be ‘blind’ peer reviewed. Authors of accepted proposals will be provided with instructions on submitting full papers, case studies, posters or interactive sessions for stage-two reviews. All accepted papers, case studies and posters will be published in a conference proceeding; Some authors may be invited for presentation in poster sessions, panel discussions, interactive sessions and/or paper presentations. The conference organizers are especially interested in proposals for interactive activities that engage conference participants. Information about the conference, its program and registration processes, will soon be available at the conference website:

Important Dates - REVISED

March 15 - First call for abstracts
May 27 - REVISED Deadline for receipt of abstracts of papers, case studies, interactive sessions
June 17 - REVISED Results of reviews sent to authors
August 17 - REVISED Deadline for submission of full papers / posters / session proposals
September 17 - REVISED Results of full Paper / poster reviews sent to authors
October 19 - Deadline for submission of final papers / posters / ready for assembling into proceedings

Organizing Committee

  • John Dale, FAIA, HED Los Angeles, Conference Chair (Representing the Council on Open Building)
  • Dr. Ewan Branda, Woodbury University School of Architecture, Los Angeles
  • Anthony Morey – Executive Director, A+D Museum Los Angeles
  • Farooq Amen – City Design Studio, Los Angeles (Representing the Council on Open Building)
  • Dr. Stephen Kendall, Infill Systems US LLC, Philadelphia (Representing the Council on Open Building)
  • Prof. Amira Osman, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa (Representing CIB W104 Open Building Implementation)

Scientific / Review Committee

  • John Dale, FAIA, HED Los Angeles
  • Dr. Stephen Kendall – Infill Systems US LLC, Philadelphia
  • Prof. Amira Osman, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Dr. Jia Beisi, University of Hong Kong