The Council on Open Building is the leading organization in the movement to create a long-term, adaptable foundation for sustainable and resilient buildings and communities. We're a network of professionals in the design and building industry throughout North America. We are committed to the proposition that planning for change – during design and long-term - is a fundamental prerequisite for a resilient and sustainable built environment. The Council fosters the development of knowledge, methods and practices supporting implementation of Open Building. Our approach crosses all project types including residential, healthcare, educational facilities, and commercial.

The Open Building approach is a mode of design and decision-making rooted in the historical traditions of a sustainable built environment, constantly undergoing incremental renewal. It is uniquely suited to the challenges of 21st century built environment:

  • It supports ever-larger and fast-paced projects involving multiple participants including users.
  • It demands efficiency, variety and the capacity to adapt to evolving societal and technical realities.
  • It balances long-term value with immediate return on investment

Balancing permanence and change applies to existing and new construction as well as the urban fabric. Open Building practices address both fine-grained and large-scope change, while respecting and reinforcing the value of stable and coherent places. Its methods are particularly effective in managing uncertainty and diverse values within a distributed decision-making process.